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19 Oct 2021


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An interview with one of Kaduna phone photographers Stephen Teesmart Tenpi

Stephen Teesmart Tenpi (veldima) is from plateau State based in kaduna and is recently making waves on social media with his phone photography skills so let’s hear from him,

When did you start phone photography?

I started phone photography 14th April 2020 having more of shadow pictures.

when you started then,what was your intentions concerning it?

My intention was to do it for fun actually.

What made you to start taking it seriously?

I do have this passion for photography for long, but never took it serious to learn about it, so it was easy for me to connect to it .When I get responds from people when ever I post my work,I felt if this little I do will be appreciated this way then I can do better by learning more.

Have you encountered any set back?

Well, I can’t say for sure, but the one of the setbacks I will say I’ve encountered is just the fact that when am taking photo shoot with someone am not really close with, I sometimes l have this doubt if I can meet the client expectations concerning what he/she want, like I always tell my friends, “when ever I want to snap, I will have to take a pee first”.And another setback, is doubt from some people, though dey try not to show it, But when I look closely I notice that they doubt me, but I will just brace up and do my thing.

What motivates you whenever you go for photoshoot?

What motivated me, hmm 80% motivation comes from my friends and the remaining 20% I was like this lockdown will not be useless I will have to make use of it to improve in something and I think I just got the right thing, PhonePhotography.

Are you just going to stop at phonephotography?

No ma I will definitely push it to the next level by having a better camera with good lenses by the help and Grace of God.

Amen what do you have to say to other phone photographers out there?

Well, I have not personally met anyone, but though I have seen their works online, so all I can say is, the future should be their focus.

Lastly do you have anyone you want to appreciate?

Yeah, alot of people, my friends gat my back alot,
I have Philemon Bako
Helen Haruna
Faith Emmanuel
Ephraim Gyang John
Becky Joseph
And many others,
The only Photographer that took time to give me some tips is Alan Bahywa, great guy who talks less but says much
And Billy Johnson, (The focus Boss Studios) great guy
Thanks guys

Contact him:
FB: Stephen Teesmart Veldima
IG: Stephen_Teesmart
Phone No:0902 311 8650

Check out some of his work:


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