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[Download Music] Beauty Grace – None Like You

Beautygrace Michael is an award winning female gospel artiste out of Niger Delta region.
A Serial entrepreneur and an Accountant.
Beautygrace is also the brain behind ‘Most Fashionable Kings & Queens Nigeria’ beauty pageant which has been running for some years now.
This new tune is a testimony to the Lord for all He has done in her life and she returns to testify that truly, there is none like our God.

Stream and download below…



Thank you Jesus For your Love.
You are God of Possibilities.
you never fail Lord yeah.

My Hope is in you my solid Rock.
I surrender everything to you my strength,
Never doubting your great ability,
You are the God that heal the sick,
You make the blind to see,
You raise the death and work upon the sea,
So my life is in your hands,
And my future in your hands,
I believe in your great Grace oh God.

Ibagha se iba nta afo×2
(There is none like you)
You are the most high,
Forever you are the same.

You are the Most high God,
Everlasting and only king,
The one who strengthens me,
The one who comfort me,
You are holy yes so holy,
The giver of all joy,
You delivered me,
You lifted me,
And you gave me victory,
(Repeat Chorus)

Call: You never fail,
Response: You never fail
Call: You never change,
Response: You never change
Call: God of Possibilities,
Call/Response: You are my God ×2

Call: You never fail,
Response: You never fail
Call: God you never fail,
Response: You never change
Call: yes you never change
Response: God of possibilities,
Call: you are my God
Response: You are my God. Call: Yes you are my God
Response: You never fail
Call: Lord you have never failed me,
Response: You never change
Call: you will never fail me
Response: God of possibilities,
Response: You are my God.

(Repeat Chorus till fade)

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