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[Download Music] Alpha Baze – Believer’s Decree

Talk of creativity
Versertility the name Apha baze comes to mind he has indeed over the years been able to balance his understanding of the word of God and creating Gospel music that is acceptable to all age brackets…As he gears up to bless the body of Christ with a beautiful body of work titled “Believers Decree” (not the usual gospel) this is definitely gonna be worth the share and blessed

Stream and download below…





Alpha baze yaron Zaki (roar)

You see
Before before
I bin think say my own don finish
I don give up before
But Christ came and gave me new name now i am free
He paid for my sins
He made me white as snow
He made me white as snow
Now I’ve got the authority

Sunana(my name is)
Arziki me(am wealthy)
Lafiyan jiki(am healthy)
Nasara ne(am victorious)
Nine yaron Zaki kuma bana Jim storo(am a child of a lion and I am not afraid)


Oh oh oh oh
Let’s go
Ubangidana shine yesu(the head of my household is Jesus)
Oh oh oh oh
O o o o o

Talauchi (poverty)
Bye bye
Laluran jiki (illhealth)
Bye bye
Munafunchi (side talks)
Zina da faskanchi (adultery and fornication)
Achikin suman yesu(in the name of Jesus).
Pack your load and go
Kabaye kabaye
Domin yesu ya ba ni sabon suna(because Jesus has given me a new name)

Sanana arziki ne(my name is wealth)
Sunana nasara ne(my name is Victory)
Ina da karfin jiki(I am healthy)
And there’s nothing the devil is gonna tell me And I

I overcame
I overcame
By the blood of the lamb
And the words of my testimony
Ina gaba( am ahead)
Saidan Yana bina a baya Yana jogging(the devil struggles to catch up by jogging)
Ni yaron yesu me(am a child of God)
Duk inda na shiga wuta(I carry the fire of God everyhere I go)
Duk inda na shiga kuma haske nine fitalan duniya(and everywhere I go am the light of the world.

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