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Scriptures And Mysteries | Biography

It is believed that In the whole of Africa Spoken kings popularly known as Scriptures and Mysteries are the only duo having their kind of style and delivery in spoken word ministry.
It is quite glaring and clear that the duo are really serious and passionate about thier Spoken word career.
The chemistry between the two brothers is over whelming, their words are so piercing, filled with beautiful thought provoking eulogies and their story is quite humbling
Scriptures ( James Yohana Danga) shared in an interview, How the cookies crumbled, because their father ( Yohana S. Danga) who was working for a road construction company as a manager  lost his job in the year 1996 and that was the begining of dark days of poverty for the whole family.
Scriptures in his own words said;
“It was a very sad experience for us growing up to meet our family, which was once wealthy begging for crumbs to eat, it was a bitter experience to see people reject you because of your financial situation, but permit me to put it to you this way.
‘The rich hate the poor and the poor hate the rich’
But between the two their is always pretence that is why you will find it difficult to understand the point I just made
After secondary scriptures, mysteries and their father settled for a white collar job, ( breaking of stones ) for the family’s up keep so everyday they go to a local querry and break stones for people for 50naira per pan
While their mother and sister will go to the farm to work for people for pay so that at the end of each day they will.have something to eat, wow, it means they were literally feeding from hand to mouth
In 2015 in the quest to start something new, different from the scope of thier locality Gusau
So one thing led to the other, they started poetry as a duo, and thier news went viral like wild fire because their style is quite unique and different from other spoken word poet
Because of that there is no competition they go for  and don’t come first.
And there is no platform they perform in that won’t invite them again
Because apart from the synergy between the duo, there is this depth in words and sanity in the way and manner they present the poems
Poems ranging from
Worship, morals, racism, xenophobia, Drug Abuse, Cultism. Just to mention but a few
Thesame year they released an album of 5 tracks which gained acceptance within Zamfara, sokoto, kebbi and kaduna state.
In the heat of abject poverty a man offered them a deal.
He offered to give them a house, in Abuja, a car ( Toyota Corolla) And money 300,000 per month For up keep should they agree to sign the deal.
He said someone spoke to him about them from Lagos Nigeria, that he hunts talent and boost them to a global level, at thesame time paying them for their efforts as a way of encouraging them to do more.
He narated to them that he is connected to one of world’s largest entertainment industry and if they can Just say Yes, he will take them out of poverty.
Prior to that they already know that there is no deal without some traps put in between lines
And when scriptures asked what the terms and conditions were
The man told him all he wanted was for the duo to remove JESUS from their lyrics and replace JESUS with GOD
he explained that it was a strategy to reach a wider audience, make them fameous and rich. Because if they mention Jesus in the poems they recite it will limit the poem to just Christian and Muslims and other non christians wont listen to it because it speaks about what they can’t relate to, but scriptures refused that and said, it goes against their believe system, they are gospel poets not some kind of people who just want to be heard at any cost.
They believe that if God gave the talent HE will find a way to feed and water the talent through His name
And true to their believe God didn’t forsake them.
And true to their beliefs their God didn’t forget about their situation
Today they are winners of two natioal awards and one continental award
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Scriptures and Mysteries
Real Names:
James Yohana Danga (Scriptures) and Jude Yohana Danga (Mysteries) are biological brothers who, together, make up a duo in Spoken words poetry.
They are three times award winning poets:-
1. UNWRAP (Graceville Christian Center Abuja) 2017
2. The quest (Latter House Christian Center) Jos, Plateau State.
3. Champions (One Voice Africa).
Scriptures and Mysteries are from the northern part of Nigeria (West Africa). They are indigenes of Kebbi state; based in Gusau, Zamfara State.
Their style of spoken words and delivery is quite unique and rare (if not the only style seen so far in the world). It’s delivered with such passion, energetic, and electrifying charisma. Their poetry have been described by many people as “thought provoking, soul lifting, and life changing” It is presented with hammering punchlines and captivating eulogies that transforms, heals and sooth the mind of their audience.
 You could clearly see that these dudes speak and perform like two angry lions on the loose.
Together, Scriptures and Mysteries have travelled round Nigeria blessing lives with poems that are outside the scope of human thoughts.
Indeed, just like their names implies, they are ‘scripturally mysterious’. It’s amazing when two people can say same thing with such precision, harmony, and passion, and at the same time every word, line and sentence is a direct message delivered with depth.
The duo (Scriptures and Mysteries) has a younger sister named Eve Yohana Danga (Cherish) who also performs with them in some selected poems.
The duo has ministered/performed on same stage with the likes of Akpororo, Prosper Ochimana, Solomon Lange, Ada, Christ Morgan, Pat- king Freke – Umoh just to mention but a few.
The duo (Scriptures and Mysteries) produced an Album in 2015 TAGGED “SOUND THE ALARM” with a track list of 5.
They believe words are swords and tongues are flames, because they are “kingdom lunatics”
As they fondly put it…We are THE HEADS OF A MOVING ARROW.
They are out with an amazing TV series, a movie already going viral before the release date which will be officially released MAY 30th. It will be officially on all their social Media handles as listed below:-
YOUTUBE: Spoken Kings
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